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Steven Furtick "It Will Happen"

God does His best work in us when we're in trouble or in transition.  The dream is free but the journey can cost you more than you would've imagined it to when you prayed for it. Acts 27:9-11 Acts 27:13-17  In verse 11 when the officer listened to the captain, Pastor Steven compares this to our life and ask the question, when it comes to God's word being on board are we steering by the Spirit or by our Flesh? Sometimes it's not going to make sense. God's plan for us is never going to make sense for us.  Don't try to make sense of what God said but do it. Verse 15 says they were driven along --> Many of us steer by our senses instead of the spirit. So when the storm comes we;re just driven along. *Still moving, just not driven by the spirit. Driven by the world of circumstance.  Depression is defined as: When you can't see any possibility that your ever going to feel any different then you do right now or that anything is going to be any different then ri…