Monday, September 2, 2013

Elevation Sermons - Core- Someone's gonna get it!

If you grew up in the Christian life, you have to find a balance between being obnoxious with the gospel in my responsibility to Christians, to share the gospel with other people and being passive with the gospel. Finding the balance between trying to force God into every conversation.
We were made to feel like we were supposed to be annoying (if you have that church background.) the more annoying you are, the better Christian you are. The line of reasoning goes like this: people are dying and going to hell and if you really care that people are dying and going to hell then you'll do everything in your power to stop them from going to hell.
We’re called to engage this lost culture as a church. We're called to step into hurting lives and cause the healing presence of Jesus to make a difference boldly.
How do we do this, how do we spread the gospel without being so obnoxious that the ears of those listening close before the message can even get to them, or do it without being benchwarmers?
God is into creative Evanglisim --> which can be defined as bringing people to Jesus, in a unique way, specific to each individual situation.
Three reasons why evangelical Christians do not share the gospel:
1) There are a lot of people who feel like they don't have it all together.
This one can be tricky because we all know our lives will never be just the way we want it to be. There are still a lot of areas in our life that God is still dealing with. Some of us still have a terrible temper, an evil tongue and we haven't learned how to keep it under control. Others of us are carrying around deeper, darker things than that and that not having it all together may make us feel like we're being hypocritical for you to share your faith with anybody when my life's not in order. Who am I to tell someone else how to live when I'm not living how I wanna live. Who am I go interject into anybody's situation and make any suggestion about their morality and lifestyle when I don't have it all together.
2) People feel like they don't have all the answers. And that's true, you don't have all the answers. It should humble you to know how much you don't know. People might look at you for your age or how you look and judge you on your knowledge, and the amount of Christian knowledge you know so you keep silent.
3) People feel like they don't have a place to start.
They don't know what to say.
These are all excuses.
Gods word has a lot of answers to all of these excuses.
It's a Pastor's job to reverse these excuses so that Christ can be known and enjoyed and worshiped by people we care about. People who are made in the image of God.
Our mission statement, our purpose statement as a church is so that we can exist, so that people who are far from God will be raised up into the abundant life found only in Christ. Jesus Christ said that He came to seek and to save those which were lost, his final command to us was an evangelistic command, to go and we have pinned ourselves into a corner as a church, we exist so that people who are far from God will receive Jesus Christ and his fullness.
Mark 2:1-12
The primary thing preached in this passage is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and has the authority to forgive sin.
Five key phrases from this passage:
1) Verse two says sooo many gathered, that there was not even any room left, this happened a lot when Jesus went to town, the word would spread and the crowds would come.  
People matter to God & lives are dying to be changed, and so we will grow as a church, why? Cause if we care we will grow. If Jesus is present we will grow. Because where His presence is there is an attraction, a magnetic attraction. The mission of God on the earth is that this gospel would be preached into as many lives for as much change as possible.
2) Verse three and four, we need to see that someone's got to get it in our lives. We all have that one messed up family member, who is it? And nobody can get through to them, and it's been years and they know right but they've been out there somewhere and you've got friends whose lives are consumed with drama and dilemmas and you just wish that the prince of peace, Jesus, would bring some peace into their lives so you don't have to hear about it. You've got these people that need to get it, you can't treat them like objects because they are people.
The paralyzed man in these verses couldn't bring himself to Jesus so his friends helped him get there, but there's people in our lives who can bring themselves, see you will never truly get it until you bring people with you who don't get it. There's nothing like showing up at a worship service with somebody next to you who needs to hear and who wants to hear and see God change their lives. The men who brought the paralyzed man to Jesus would not take no for an answer, they got turned away at the door so they reared the roof open. And lowered the man through there.
Powerful things happen when people get involved into evangelism and can't take no for an answer.
God leaves a lot of room for imagination in a lot of stories, that's on purpose, so that we can find ourselves in that situation so that its not a historical account of something that happened but something that Gods still doing.
3) Jesus saw their faith. Because they brought their friend who was paralyzed to see Jesus. You know we can do the same for those who are in our life who can't make it on their own but with our help can get there? Your faith can change a situation. Hebrews 11:1. Pray and then act on it. Who in your world is there that you care about who needs to get it? And what will you do to tear the roof off?
If you walk with God He'll tell you when to speak up and when to shut up. He'll show you when to do something to bless somebody and not say a word about it and He'll show you when to go in for the kill and talk to them about Christ on a confrontational level. Jesus wants to see your faith!
4) Sitting there thinking to themselves.
Spectators become speculators in church .
You'll never fully experience a worship service until somebody's with you who is far from God, whose life you've invested in.
We are not the body guards of God’s forgiveness and grace. Choosing who can get to them and who can’t.
5) Verse 12-  I've never seen anything like that.
Have people look into your life and say, "I've never seen anybody handle stress like that. I've never seen anything like that.."
You have this ability to turn it over to God, that's creative evangelism. Living your life out so that people exclaim, I've never seen anything like it. Or for them to say I've never seen anything like you, you pray for me and you ask me how I'm doing and you seem more concerned with my affairs than your own affairs. --> that's how we win this world to Jesus!
Practically, authentically display your faith.
By giving someone a bible as a gift, praying for someone and letting them know your praying for 

them. Be a blessing. Invite people to church.

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