Monday, September 2, 2013

Elevation Church Sermon - Core - Something's gonna happen

Anytime you come before the presence of God you walk away changed. You may leave changed for worse, or you may leave changed for the better. Either your heart becomes more like Christ because you hear his word or his commandments for you and obey it or you hear it and ignore it and your heart gets a little bit harder. But either way your changed.
Definition of worship --> Worship is placing my minds attention and my hearts affection or devotion on The Lord in response to who He is and what He's done.
We should have a desire that something's gonna happen to us in church on Sundays. A desire that God is going to work on our hearts and change us.
People need a touch from God.
We need to cry out to God and say "God, I need a touch from you today. God your word doesn't speak to me like it used to. God when I go to pray my mind is so distracted that I can't find the words, I need a touch from you today. God there's stuff in my life that if people found out about it they wouldn't think what they think about me. I need a touch from you today."
We should call our services Experiences and not Worship service. So that people can come in ready not just to do it but to feel it and to know it and to become it. Experiencing God and encountering God, meeting with God, face to face with God.
The three common reasons people don't go to church may be because their lazy, busy or disinterested. But the reality is that it's disappointment or disillusionment because many people came and nothing happens, why bother? Why not go to the golf course, why would I go through the whole production of fixing myself up and painting my face up and wearing a special outfit and going through the trouble of getting ready and getting there if nothing's gonna happen? People are disappointed, and disillusioned but what happened to them in these services, what hasn't happened, or what they think would happen, or what they think won't happen, but for many people their not coming back or their not coming at all because nothing's going on.
There are a few things we can do on our part besides what the church can do for us. Miracles of God happen to people who are prepared. His miracles are not accidental.
Something's gonna happen in your life if this is gonna happen, if Gods gonna speak to you, explode in your heart, change situations in your life, something's gonna happen when..
1) You're fully engaged.
This means engaging your soul, your mind, your will and your emotions. The totality of who you are. When your soul is engaged, something happens. God can move. God can set you free in areas of your life. Most people are touched more by movies than church services.
Movies engage our souls, your mind is following a carefully crafted plot. Your emotions are being stirred by the tension and your will somehow changed a lot of times because of it. The gospel truth is that there is nothing more engaging than the gospel, there's no plot more engaging than the story of Jesus, there's nothing more emotionally stirring than the presence of God and there's no other better place than to have your will transformed by the community of believers.
2) You will be changed and something will happen in your life if you are willing to risk.
Mark 5:21 --> the women who affected Jesus, who touched him and was healed.
We have to go to church with the audacity to affect Jesus. we have to come in like "God , I'm not gonna just roll over and die, there are habits in my life that need breaking, there are things in my life that I need accomplished and I'm coming to receive from you what you have for me. I have the audacity and the courage to risk change."
There are two risk:
1) Embarrassment.
Some of us don't sing at church because we don't have a good voice, but you’re not singing to them. You’re singing to Him.
2) The risk that Jesus is gonna change your life when you come into church.
It ought to be dangerous to go to church, we should worry what The Lord is gonna say to us that day, where does he want us to go? What does he want you to give? When will He tell you to stop? Or when He might tell you to start. How He might push you out.
3) Something's gonna happen when you are properly postured.
Come before The Lord with confident humility. You have a right to come before God because you are His child. All of us who have been changed by Him, who have received Him, and been called His children can come to Him with confidence. You belong there because of Jesus. You belong there because of His grace, but you’re humbled because of his greatness. You can come before God with confidence, no shame, the bible says that you can come before Him boldly, make your request known to Him. It is not wrong to ask God for things. It is not wrong to expect Him to move in your life. It is not wrong to ask Him to change you, bless you so that He can receive glory from your life. But you better be humble and you better know that its all about HIM! And you better fall before Him spiritually speaking.
We have to posture ourselves because He's gonna move in our lives and something's gonna happen! We show up and have to have a pen cause Gods gonna say something you might want to write down that day. He's gonna speak to your soul.
4) Something's gonna happen when you keep on coming.
You can't expect overnight changes from God, you've gotta keep coming.
5) Something's gonna happen when you are coming prepared.
Pslam 100:4 "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with praise." Eat before you go 

to church, so you’re focused. Focused on God and focused on what ways He can change you that 


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